We all operate in a realm of poetic flux, to put it poetically.  Every day we reconcile events, feelings and perceptions, which seem contradictory, mutually repellent or simply impossible to hold at the same time.  Like living and dying, for instance.  For me, drawing and painting are direct ways to negotiate just about everything.  Many forms that I deploy in painting and sculpture first appear in small drawings.  I do drawings as improvisatory meditations.  Little emblems emerge, which could function as generally as familiar symbols.  At the same time these figures have the specificity of something new and nameless.  A powerful ghost-thing, a metaphor, will sometimes arise when sounds, smells, colors and definitions are rubbed together in surprising ways.  This apparition hovers over its embracing parents, present in the form of an overtone, jarring or delicate or something else entirely, depending on the ingredients. It’s a good studio day when an image speaks that way. 

-Heidi Pollard